Cosmetic Dentist in Sterling VAHaving a bright, white smile can turn heads and make you look youthful and healthy. Unfortunately, time and other influences can change your pearly whites to a dull and even yellowish color. The foods and beverages you eat, along with the aging process can diminish the brightness of your teeth. To bring back your vibrant, white smile, consider coming into Ashley Dinh, DDS, PC for a professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

While there are plenty of over-the-counter remedies for teeth whitening, a professional teeth whitening from your dentist can ensure your treatment is safe and most effective. Store bought products may irritate your gums, cause tooth sensitivity and produce only temporary results.

Get Your White Smile Back With ZOOM!®

At Ashley Dinh DDS, PC we use the most proven methods to get your smile back to its brilliant white. We offer The ZOOM!® whitening system, which can lighten your teeth in just under an hour! Not only is this a convenient and timesaving solution, but it is also very effective.

The ZOOM!® system uses a special gel that is gently applied to your teeth. Next, the ZOOM!® light activates and accelerates the tooth bleaching process while you remain comfortable in the dental chair. During this whitening process, the gel's hydrogen peroxide breaks down and penetrates the enamel and dentin layer of the teeth. This bleaches the stained surfaces of the teeth without compromising the tooth structure. In one easy office visit, many of our patients get results that are up to eight shades whiter with our ZOOM!® technology. To help you maintain your results, we provide custom-fit trays and whitening solution that allows you to continue to whiten your teeth at home.

You should have the confidence to flash your beautiful smile to the world! If you wish your teeth were shades whiter and brighter, we can help. Contact Ashley Dinh, DDS, PC today and discover how ZOOM!® can enhance your appearance and restore your confidence.