Retaining all your natural teeth is the ultimate goal, but it is not always attainable. Even people who have adhered to the best dental care routine for their smile can still lose teeth due to injury, illness or other causes. When it is not possible to keep all your natural teeth, Ashley Dinh, DDS, PC offers exceptional restorative options so that you can still retain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Your teeth are an important part of your appearance – not only for your smile, but for your facial structure. Your teeth support the muscles in your jaw and face. When teeth are lost, the face can appear sunken, losing its youthful appearance. Losing one tooth can quickly result in a progression of dental issues, from decay and gum disease to additional tooth losses. In addition, missing teeth can affect your speech and the foods you can eat. Our goal is to help avoid these issues by offering complete dental restorations and dental care services when necessary.

Complete Dental Restorations

Losing a tooth or several teeth is not the end of the world. In fact, it may be a journey to getting a smile that you haven’t had in years! Restorative dental options can replace your natural teeth with beautiful, functional alternatives. At Ashley Dinh, DDS, we offer the following restorative dental services:

Don’t give up on having a beautiful smile just because you lost a tooth or need to have some teeth removed. Our compassionate team of dental experts at Ashley Dinh, DDS, PC will help you find the right restorative dental option to give you back your beautiful smile! Contact us today to schedule your exam and consultation with Dr. Dinh.