The most important time to start good habits is as a child and that includes good oral health. At Ashley Dinh, DDS, PC, it is our pleasure to invite families with young children to join our dental family. Our caring, patient team of dental professionals all enjoy the chance to start children off on the right path to a healthy smile. From the time your child gets their first tooth, we can help protect their precious smile and make sure they enjoy their trips to our office for dental care services.

When you walk into our office, you will notice right away that we welcome children into our practice. Our kid’s play corner is the first place the little one’s run to when they walk through the door. While you check in with us, they are usually content to play with the toys until their appointment. It gets their visit off to a good start, putting them at ease when they come to visit us.

We Love Kids!

Not every dentist office is geared toward children. While we have patients of all ages, we LOVE kids! It is our honor to provide little ones with gentle care that will help them learn excellent dental habits for the rest of their lives. We suggest a child’s first visit to our office should be shortly after their first tooth arrives. We can begin monitoring your child’s oral health and help you care for their teeth until they are old enough to begin learning how to clean and care for their own teeth.

Dental checkups for children are critical. Dr. Dinh can monitor your child’s teeth for any signs of decay or other issues, offering treatment when needed. In addition, she will monitor their orthodontic development. Often children under ten can receive preventive orthodontic treatments that can prevent the need for braces in their teens, or at least reduce the amount of misalignment as the permanent teeth come in.

We would be honored to care for your child’s beautiful smile. Contact our office to schedule a checkup for your child or children – we offer family block appointments for your convenience!