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Straight, perfectly aligned teeth don’t always happen naturally. While regular dental care services can help promote healthy, straight teeth, in many cases professional orthodontic care is needed. From preventive measures to help your children’s permanent teeth grow in straight to corrective measures as a teen or adult, orthodontic treatments can create the straight, aligned teeth everyone wants.

At Ashley Dinh. DDS, PC, we offer orthodontics to help our patients of all ages get the smile they want. We can offer preventive solutions for your younger children that can reduce the need for extensive braces when they are teens. For teens and adults, we offer braces, aligners and quick-straightening options that can fix crooked or misaligned teeth for a healthy, beautiful smile. Some of our orthodontic options include:

Having straight teeth is important for a beautiful smile. It is also critical for your oral health. At Ashley Dinh, DDS, PC we have orthodontic solutions for everyone in the family, from the very young to older adults who thought straight teeth would never be an option. New orthodontic technology and aligning alternatives make it possible for anyone to have the aligned smile they always wanted, usually in less time than they ever thought possible.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Sterling that can handle all your dental needs in a caring, compassionate environment, contact us today to schedule an appointment at Ashley Dinh, DDS. We can care for your general, cosmetic, orthodontic and restorative dental needs, all under one roof.