Did you think that to have straight teeth you would have to wear braces for years? While some orthodontic issues may require braces, many people can get the straight smile they want with clear, comfortable aligners. Invisalign offers a fast, discrete orthodontic treatment to transform crooked teeth which is easier to live with than braces. At Ashley Dinh, DDS, PC we offer Invisalign for both adults and teens that want to get a straight, gorgeous smile without braces.


Invisalign can gently shift teeth into their correct position using customized aligners that are easy to use. Adults that never had braces as a teen or whose teeth have shifted out of alignment over the years can often use Invisalign to get a straight, beautiful smile. These aligners are almost impossible to see while they are in place, making them perfect for adults who are self-conscious about needing orthodontic work. The aligners are usually replaced and adjusted every two weeks, and can be removed to brush, floss or eat as needed. Most adults can get the results they want in less than a year, making it a quick, effective solution.

Invisalign Teen

Being a teen is tough enough without needing to live with braces. When possible, we offer our teen patients and their parents Invisalign Teen as an orthodontic solution. Although teens will need to use their clear aligners longer than adults, they will have the benefit of not needing wires, bands and undergoing the adjustments needed with braces. Since the aligners are removable, teens can still eat the foods they love and care for their teeth – just pop the aligners out, then pop them back in after they eat and brush their teeth.

To learn more about Invisalign for teens and adults, contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Ashley Dinh. You or your teen may be a perfect candidate for these incredible orthodontic devices.